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What to do in Bocas del Toro

There are so many things to do in Bocas we couldn’t possibly mention them all. However below are some of our top picks of things to do in Bocas and in the surrounding islands, easily accessible in ½ day or whole day tours, right from the Villa!

Since one of the absolute best things you can do while you’re here in Bocas is go out on a boat tour, be sure to check out doing a private boat tour. Whole day tours $150 for 2 people and $20 each additional person.

Full Day Adventures


Isla Zapatillas

Isla ZapatillasThis is probably our top pick. Very few places compare to these twin islands. Nestled in the heart of a National Park, Zapatillas has a rare combination of beauty. White sand beaches, beautiful coral reefs and even a nature hike. Spending a day here will be something you’ll never forget.


The cost of going to Zapatillas will vary depending  on how you choose to get there. We highly recommend a private boat tour with Wes, since you will be the captain for the day and will get to choose exactly what activities you want to do that day. There is also a $10 park entrance fee.

What to bring:

You will need all the basic beach supplies. Since there are no stores on Zapatillas, you’ll also need to pack a lunch and bring any water you’ll need for the day. Also be sure to bring good shoes for the nature hike and a snorkel set to go see the reefs.



4×4 Jungle and Beach Tours


Renting a quad from Flying Pirates is the best way to see Bocas. You simply can’t beat it. Apart from the fun of driving the quad, you get access to places you otherwise would never see. Hidden coves and beaches. Coral reefs. Jungle trails where you can see wildlife up close. You can’t miss the opportunity while you’re in Bocas. Also many of our guests have found it convenient to rent the quad for the duration of their visit for getting around the island.


See the Flying Pirates Rates Page.

What to bring:

First of all you’ll want to bring clothes that can get dirty. Good shoes are important, not only for shifting between gears on the quad but also for getting off and walking around on some of the more rocky surfaces. You’ll also want a set of snorkeling gear, snacks, water and a good shock resistant camera.



Red Frog Beach and Zip-lining

Red Frog Beach

 Red Frog is located on Bastimentos Island. It is a 15 minute boat ride from Bocas Town. The beach is a great place to relax or boogie board. Also zip-lining is available at Red Frog. The course is set up in the jungle just behind the beach. If flying through trees isn’t your thing, Red Frog can be a half day trip, but we recommend giving the zip-lining a chance.


This will vary on what you do. The boat to Red Frog will cost about $10 per person round trip.

What to bring:

You’ll want to bring clothes that you can swim in, but that are also good for swinging around the trees. Also good shoes are important. There are restaurants so you can purchase water and snacks there.



Bird Island

Bird Island - Jurassic Park

Bird Island looks like a scene out of Jurassic Park. The island sticks straight out the water. Decorated with tropical trees and plants, the sound of some of the worlds rarest birds fill your ears. Put on a mask and snorkel and right in the water beneath you lies a pristine coral reef with a lively fish population. Unfortunately Bird Island is only accessible when the water is calm.


The cost of a tour to Bird Island will depend on the boat captain and the duration of your time on the island.

What to bring:

Bring a snorkel, mask and whatever you need to eat and drink. There are no restaurants. Stop off at Starfish at the end of the day before coming back.



Half Day Adventures


Starfish Beach

IMG_3442 copy

Starfish Beach is located at the northern point of Bocas. It is just a few minutes away from Bocas del Drago. Being easy to get to, it’s a great place for a half day beach trip.


To get to Starfish either take the bus or a private taxi. The taxi costs $30 round trip per taxi, not per person. You can bike to Drago but be warned, it’s a vigorous bike ride. Once you get to Drago you’ll need to either walk 15 minutes to Starfish or take a boat taxi for $1 a person.

What to bring:

You will need to bring bug spray. You won’t need food. Yarisnori’s serves local dishes right on the beach. You may need snacks and water. As a side note, please respect the Starfish. Removing them from the water even for a few seconds can kill them.



Bluff Beach

IMG_5612 copy

Bluff beach is gorgeous, several mile long, wide sand beach that is a perfect place to send an afternoon walking the beach. While not often safe to swim in, the beach is a great place to watch the waves and search for shells.


You can get to bluff for free by either walking or our recommended option, biking. You can also take a taxi and the price will depend on who you take.

What to bring:

You will need to bring snacks and water. Before you get to Bluff, there are a few restaurants, including Paki’s Point, which we highly recommend checking out. However once you get to Bluff there isn’t anywhere to buy anything. So you’ll need to have all the basic necessities to stay hydrated, etc.



1/2 day fishing trip with Sully

No pictures with this one. Sully has lived on the island for years and knows all about fishing the waters. You are guaranteed to catch fish. Half day tours start at 7:30 am and last until 12:30 pm. The cost is $175 for 2 – 4 people. If you want to fish while you’re in Bocas, Sully is your guy. You can’t miss it.