Villa Paraiso

Getting Here

How Do I Get To Bocas?

There are several ways of getting to Bocas. Here are some of the ways of getting here.

Flying to Bocas from Panama City

To fly to Bocas you will first have to fly from your home country to Panama City, Panama (PTY). From there you will switch airports and travel roughly 45 minutes to Albrook Airport (PAC). At Albrook you can fly directly to the island. To buy flights see The flights leave twice a day, every day.

Flying from San Jose, Costa Rica

If you choose to fly into Bocas from San Jose, Costa Rica you will need to coordinate your dates as there are not daily flights. For more flight info please see

Taking a Bus to Bocas del Toro

If you choose to take a bus to Bocas from either Panama City or San Jose you will need to be prepared for a very long day. We do not recommend this option unless another is not available. For info on the bus from Panama City see
If you are coming from Boquete you will either need to take a bus from David or hire a private shuttle.
On all buses, you will need to stop in Almirante and take a water taxi to the island. You will either go with Bocas Marine Tours or Taxi 25. Currently, the pass is $6 per person.

Getting From Bocas Town to Villa Paraiso

No matter how you choose to come to Bocas you will need to take a taxi to Villa Paraiso. Be it from the airport or boat taxi simply walk out, get a cab and tell them to take you to Villa Paraiso in Big Creek. We are 5 minutes by taxi from town. Once you get here ring the doorbell and we’ll come down to meet you.